Site reliability consulting

Our site reliability engineers (SRE) are the linking pin of all phases, from design to build, from operations to transfer.

The customer team goto person

The SRE is heavily involved in the design- and build phases of a service and acts as goto person for the customer development, application and infrastructure team. The Day2 SRE is not just “an ops person who codes”. He or she is a full member of the customer development team with a set of skills that complements both Dev and Ops.

The main role of a SRE is to make sure ‘what is developed and built, can be managed’. In other words: the SRE thinks ahead to ensure the service will perform as designed according to SLA’s. He or she also knows how the code will be managed, configured, deployed, logged and monitored. Because of this, Day2 SRE’s have operational excellence wired in their DNA. The SRE will share his knowledge and expertise during all the phases of the project with the customer development and operations teams.

What does a SRE do?

The SRE is another member of the development team with a different set of skills and responsibilities, particularly around deployment, configuration management, monitoring, metrics etc. He or she is also responsible for the SLA’s of the service and works together with Dev teams to deliver a product that can be easily updated, managed and monitored.

He or she will ensure the architecture takes these variables into account, or will propose adjustments to existing architectures that fail to meet SLA’s.

In short:
without involving a SRE,
you are more or less bound
to run into trouble when
it comes to quality of services

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