Full-stack automation

Build cloud (native) platforms is one thing, but making sure they add business value is something else. We believe building technologically advanced IT-solutions makes no sense if you don’t automate their operation. What is needed is full-stack automation.

Automated application development, testing, and deployment (CI/CD)

Full-stack automation ensures development, testing, and deployment of applications is rigorously automated. This is done with continuous integrations and deployment tooling, ensuring that networking, infrastructure, applications and security can all be automatically tested and provisioned when needed. In this way, it is possible to greatly increase the rate of releasing updates, make changes or release new versions.

DevOps culture breaks down business silos

To achieve this, automation needs to be wedded with a DevOps culture. As organizations are confronted with fast changing business and customer requirements, traditionally ‘siloed’ business departments need to work together to be able to meet these demands in a timely manner. With DevOps, the barriers that separate business roles are broken down.

Day2 can configure your full-stack automation and create a DevOps culture. Our engineers live and breathe DevOps. They can help build multidisciplinary teams, get you up to speed with the DevOps way of working and in the process transfer their knowledge so your organization will eventually be able to do full-stack automation and DevOps on its own.

Why is DevOps needed when operating a fully automated stack?

Full-stack automation without DevOps is like a car without a licensed driver: it is technically capable of moving you forward, but there is nobody who understands how to do it.

Creating a DevOps culture is essential to get a fully automated stack going. People must feel comfortable with assuming different roles, need to understand both the business and technical considerations when developing certain features and will also need to be accustomed to agile approaches to software development. All this is meant to bring speed and purpose to software development in a safe, inclusive way.

Need for speed

If full-stack automation and DevOps are done right, depending on the business, new releases are rolled out from anywhere between every other hour to every few days or weeks. The risk of delays and postponement of releases is eliminated, as step-by-step development and releases of new functionality become leading instead of cumbersome sets of requirements that quickly become outdated.

Want to know how to get full-stack automation right?

Get in touch and let us help you. Day2 is a hands-on cloud consultancy that helps organizations to leverage digital technology such as the cloud and create real business value. We offer a broad range of professional services for every stage of your digital journey. Everything we design and build has your autonomy as its purpose.