Digital transformation

A digital transformation is nothing less than challenging. A successful digital transformation is more than adopting new technology and becoming (mostly) cloud native. It’s about:

  • People and the way they work.
  • How an organization can deal with new opportunities and challenges.
  • How technology is used to create business value.

The alignment of these three elements is what makes a digital transformation work. Creating the right culture is essential to achieve this alignment. After all, if people keep doing what they were doing, for good or for bad, transformation is impossible. The impact of (cloud) technology on an organization needs to be understood and embraced by both decision makers and employees.

We help you create the right culture

Our architecture assessment is suitable for any company that needs to architect and fully automate a cloud (native) solution that meets business needs. Whether you already have workloads in the cloud or want to start using cloud technology, Day2 can help to draw up a roadmap that takes into consideration business and customer needs as well as people, processes and technology.

Day2 can help define strategies for digital transformation based on organizational goals. We can help create the right culture and improve alignment between business and technology to create a sustainable solution. Your organization will achieve a faster time-to-market and a shorter time-to value based on a DevOps culture, full-stack automation, cloud and cloud native innovation and technology.

Want to achieve supersonic time to market?

Do you want to transfer with purpose? Do you want to do it right and quickly? Let us know and let us help you. 

Day2 is a hands-on cloud consultancy that helps organizations to leverage digital technology such as the cloud and create real business value. We offer a broad range of professional services for every stage of your digital journey. Everything we design and build has your autonomy as its purpose.