DevOps consulting

Organizations are increasingly confronted with fast changing business and customer requirements. Traditionally ‘siloed’ business departments need to work together to be able to meet these demands in a timely manner. 

Why DevOps?

To achieve faster time-to-market and time-to-value, many organizations embrace DevOps. The barriers that separate business roles are broken down, teams become multidisciplinary and workflows are altered to create an environment where continuous integration and continuous deployment are natural.

DevOps allows for a faster, safer way of deploying new releases, updates and changes. The risk of delays and postponement of releases is eliminated, as step-by-step development and releases of new functionality become leading instead of cumbersome sets of requirements that quickly become outdated. If DevOps is done right, depending on the business, new releases are rolled out from anywhere between every other hour to every few days or weeks.

Increase the speed at which your organization moves

Needless to say, DevOps can significantly increase the speed at which an organization moves. That’s why DevOps is a key building block of digital innovation or transformation. But it can also help organizations to evolve towards a cloud native approach, achieving more agility and simplicity when developing functionality for digital processes and services.

How we can help you

Day2 can help to create value with a DevOps culture. Our engineers live and breathe DevOps. They can help build multidisciplinary teams, get you up to speed with the DevOps way of working of your choice (KanBan, scrum etc.) and in the process transfer their knowledge so your organization will eventually internalize all things DevOps.

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Our engineers live and breathe DevOps. Day2 is a hands-on cloud consultancy that helps organizations to leverage the cloud and create real business value. .