Container services

Container technology can greatly enhance scalability and speed up businesses. There are multiple container platforms to choose from. The engineers of Day2 have mastered almost all of them, including Kubernetes and a wide range of Kubernetes management tools.

Containerization from a business point of view

Apart from the technical knowhow, we also know how to look at container technology from a business point of view, so you can make the right choice when adopting container technology.

We help your engineers understand container technology

Next to that, we make sure logging, monitoring and integration into current business processes is secured and managing the platform is automated as much as possible. And best of all, we make sure your engineers gain as much of an understanding of the chosen container technologies as we have, making ourselves obsolete eventually!

Need us to help you with your container technology?

Leave us a message! Day2 is a hands-on cloud consultancy that helps organizations to leverage digital technology such as the cloud and create real business value. We offer a broad range of professional services for every stage of your digital journey. Everything we design and build has your autonomy as its purpose.