Day2 is a fun and exciting place to work. We don’t talk, we deliver. As a young company, we value people and embrace an engineering-first culture without hierarchy.

At Day2 you will not wait for change to happen, you will create change.

If cloud and cloud native technologies and IT innovation make you wake up with a smile in the morning, if you want to make an impact and if you want to become the best cloud engineer the join the Day2 family!

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Current job opening

The Cloud Native Engineer role is a challenging and exciting role at Day2 for all engineers who want to design and deliver future-forward cloud solutions using the latest technologies and development methodologies in DevOps, Microservices, Lean and Agile, Containerization, Serverless and Cloud Platforms. You gain access to the latest innovation through our vendor-agnostic approach towards developing client solutions that deliver value to our customers.

And yes! It becomes even more exciting: as a Day2 Cloud Native Engineer you will work in Cloud Transformation, Enablement and Migration projects. You will be a key figure in reshaping the business and transforming industries. At Day2 it is not only about technology, you will also be a key driver in facilitating change in the mindset and culture of our customers.

Our Cloud Native Engineer has a drive for personal growth, he/she wants to become the best technical leader in the world. He/She will look for feedback, discuss technology with his/her peers and will be responsible for creating his/her own personal development that is aligned with Day2’s strategy and goals. A Cloud Native Engineer at Day2 has a proactive approach, he/she doesn’t wait for change to happen. He/She will create change.

Day2 is fun and exciting to work at. We don’t talk. We deliver. As a young company, we value people and we embrace an engineering-first culture without hierarchy.

The Cloud Native Engineer’s professional abilities and technical accomplishments are recognized by his/her peers and he/she is eager to expand that into his/ her professional community in the area of expertise.

If Cloud technologies, Cloud Native technologies and IT innovation make you wake up with a smile in the morning. If you dream about AWS, Containerization, Azure, Hashicorp, DevOps, Serverless, Infra as Code, Pipelines, Aviatrix, Landing zones, Automation and IT Elasticity. If you want to make a real impact and become the best Cloud Native Engineer while having fun doing so, then join the Day2 family!


Obviously Day2 will provide you with all the right instruments to maximize your potential and develop yourself towards an even higher level of expertise.

About Day2: Day2 is part of House of Clouds. Together with Whyellow and Defenced our aim is to gain instant impact for our customers and create value for their business. Our joined focus lies on cloudification, control of enterprise data, protecting weak spots and rapid delivery of industry ready and customized applications.

As a hands-on native cloud consultancy company we are helping our customers reach their “moonshot in IT” by designing, building, and operating cloud and cloud-native platforms.

Based on our experience Day2 focuses on the real business value of the cloud: It’s about intensify automation, optimize the elasticity, increasing the resiliency and speed while controlling the cloud spend.

We see ourselves as a boutique consultancy, we are very much focusing on agility in our services and customer intimacy. We go the extra mile for our customers, and we don’t intend to stay forever. That is why we transfer our knowledge back to our customers’ teams so they can innovate and operate themselves and increase their operational excellence after we successfully delivered our projects.

We focus on the market-leading public cloud platforms, IaC, automation and the ‘Day2’ phase of the solutions we build. We advise our customers on operating these platforms and building the teams and culture for operational excellence.

Did we gain your interest and do you want to become part of an adventure together with great and passionate colleagues? Simply let us know your details and we will make sure to contact you.