We believe in what people make possible. We bring digital transformation and technology innovation to businesses across the globe.


  • We design and build valuable and sustainable (cloud) solutions.
  • We bring technological innovation to help your business innovation.
  • We make impact and give back by sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers and the communities.
  • We do all of this with courage and fun and invest in our people to build a happy and sustainable workforce.

Our core values

We understand both business and technology. We believe in what people make possible, and aim to make technology work for them. Every customer we help, will work with a dedicated team of engineers that has a wide range of skills and expertise, fit for the job at hand. All our engineers have firmly embraced DevOps ways of working and will either complement your own DevOps teams, or help build them. Our engineers get the chance to work on many different solutions, platforms and new technologies, which makes them versatile and highly motivated to succeed.

Our engineers design, build and operate. But we believe it should not stop there. Ultimately knowledge and skills are the rocket fuel of any sustainable solution, innovation or digital transformation. That’s why our engineers work hard to make themselves obsolete by transferring their knowledge to the customer team. 

About our values

At Day2 we continually adjust our values and strive to make them better. “Day2 values” is a living document. It is important for us as a company that puts people first, that our values are documented, refined and revised based on lessons learned during the journey of our company creation and life-cycle.