Day2 is part of House of Clouds.

House of Clouds is a venture based on high value service companies to bring a complete suite of digital services to our clients existing of public organizations, NGO’s, mid to enterprise organizations, IT service providers and technology partners.

House of Clouds core value as a Performance IT company is their believe in people, culture and technology. Together with the other group members we act as a digital company designed for continuous change and improvement, driven by luminous minds, to deliver a moonshot experience to our clients. 
Together we will bring innovation in processes with automated intelligence and machine learning. With these innovations our clients are able to make instant impact by speeding up the deliveries to their clients.

With our proven approach we deliver Performance IT that results in smart development, fast deployment and instant results. 
Every day Better. Performance based.

Cloud Control

Optimize Speed & Control Costs.
Migrate to standardized platforms.
Create the right Cloud Culture.

Cyber Security

Next Gen SOC.
IoT/Endpoint Detection & Response.
Risk & Awareness Services.

Software Engineering

Business Process Improvement.
Rapid Application Development.
Clean & Low Code development.
Robotics Process Automation.

Data Analytics

Data & Advanced Analytics.
Big Data engineering.
Machine Learning & AI.

House of Clouds companies


Everyone has been hacked, that’s a fact. So, make sure you are Defenced. We provide you the overview of the relevant threats, vulnerabilities and mitigations in a simple way via a managed service. You’ll focus on your business, we make sure it’s secured.


Whyellow delivers change through state of the art innovative digital solutions for different industries. We apply the latest software engineering techniques to create effective multiplatform solutions that are intuitive to use and grow with your requirements. 
Our challenge is to create superb amazing disruptive digital solutions.