About us

Becoming a cloud native organization means a radical departure from existing technology, processes and the way people work. Such an exciting adventure has a far better chance of succeeding with a bullet proof approach to designing, building and operating intelligent digital solutions. The engineers of Day2 were working on cloud technology before it was called cloud, and have helped both global corporate giants and born in the cloud startups to achieve their goals. Everything we do is guided by our core values, which enable us to create value together with our customers and build long lasting partnerships.

People first

We care about people, their happiness and their safety. We help them to grow, learn and succeed.


We keep things simple, telling it like it is. No vague and complicated tech lingo, but achievable and straightforward propositions aimed at results.

Build relationships

Relationships are the foundation of our company. Relationships help us achieve things together with our customers which are otherwise impossible.

Create successful customers

We use our culture of exceptional execution and help our customers to do the same. 


We frequently choose to go off the beaten track, and we like stepping out of our comfort zone. We think outside the box; we write new stories. 
Take action – go.


We believe fundamental honesty is the cornerstone of our success.


We are amazing individuals, but only through teamwork with our customers, we achieve greatness.