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Meetup: multi-cloud networking

On June 11th we organized our first Day2meet online meetup on multi-cloud networking, including pizza and beer delivery at the doorstep of each participant! This was a nice first meetup and soon more meetups will follow. Stay tuned for upcoming Day2meet (online) meetups by keeping an eye on our website or sign up for our updates. 

Online meetup program June 11th

During this online meetup, we discussed all you need to know about the multi-cloud networking solution provided by Aviatrix. We explained how you can standardize control over your multi-cloud networking and how you can make multi-cloud networking a utility ready to use by teams. We also explained operating multi-cloud networks based on the principles of simplicity, automation, visibility and control, mirroring the Day2 core values. Last but not least, we zoomed in to where multi-cloud networking fits in the overall architecture, an issue that is easily looked over.

In the second talk of this meetup we introduced Pomerium, an open source, self-hosted solution for protecting your internal web applications through your existing identity provider. We discussed how Pomerium implements some concepts of zero trust networking and when it can replace a VPN deployment.

In the video below you can watch a section of the webinar. 

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    Meetup program

    16:30 – Sign in for the meetup
    17:15 – Introduction
    17:30 – Getting control over multi-cloud networking
    18:00 – Q&A
    18:15 – Break with pizza & beers
    18:30 – Pomerium
    19:00 – Q&A
    19:15 – Closing the meetup

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